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I have a new system with an SSD. I am running Windows 7 64 bit. Now my question is this. I know that 7 is supposed to handle Trim on the SSD when the system is idle. First of all will a screen saver be ok? Also how do I know Trim is in fact working?


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I am not an expert and have to get my info from Newegg videos on the subject.

But they say, to see if TRIM is working, your can do the following:

Open an Administrative command prompt.

Type fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

If it returns a DisableDeleteNotify = 0 then trim is working.

They also go into what TRIM needs to work, such as using AHCI or RAID for the SATA controller.....


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Trim is just a notification to the SSD controller that data has been deleted at specified addresses.

What you are referring to about system idle time actions is 'garbage collection'. That is the actual process that nulls the nands.

Here is a very good article that explains the details: Garbage Collection and TRIM in SSDs Explained - An SSD Primer - The SSD Review


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Thank you for the info.


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You are welcome.

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