triple monitors support problem HELPPP !!!

hi there guys and thainformation in this forum !
i have a huge problem which i cannot find a suitable solution at the moment.
back when i used windows XP ihad 3 monitors connected to my computer.
2 as an output from mi PCIe card and one from an old PCI card.
now i got a new machine (dell 960) and i can get only 2 outputs from the PCIe card.
when i try to install my PCI old card (ATI RADEON 9250) i get a blue screen and cannot get the device to work.
there is in that new machine an onboard display card but as i install and pcie card that will cancel it at once, and it is not possible to use it as a second / third vga port.

what is my best solution for connectiong my third monitor ???
should i get one of those USB external display adapters ???
or are there any cheap PCI card (not pci-e cause there is only one pci-e slot in my machine) that will work together with my pci-e card and windows 7 ????

i am so desperate cause i really like windoes 7,
but i cannot use it as i did with xp and my 3 monitors.......

please help guys.
thanx a lot and have a really pleasent day !

I suggest you disconnect 2 other monitors => go to => Graphics Drivers & Software => download driver & software => install => reboot.

Finally see if ATI Catalyst allows 3 monitors, use 2 if not.

hi there and thanx for ur replay,
i already tried it,
that pci card is not supported by windows 7..
i really need to use 3 monitors.

any solution at all ???
any pci card that works with windows 7 ???
what about the usb display adapter ???



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that pci card is not supported by windows 7..
any solution at all ???
Buy a card that is supported by Win7.

SPARKLE SP94GT512D2LHPP GeForce 9400 GT 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI HDCP Ready - Maker's website has Win7 Drivers
SPARKLE SP94GT1024D2LHP GeForce 9400 GT 1GB 128-bit GDDR2 PCI HDCP Ready - Maker's website has Win7 Drivers


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but, I think you'd need a high model to support 2 or 3 monitors.
Not really. It is the OS that must do most of the supporting. Beside the obvious (the necessary connectors) the only thing a graphics cards needs, IMO, for good multi-monitor support is a decent amount of on board RAM. But even there, I've used a dual monitor DVI setup with only 128Mb of on-board with no problems for MS Office, email, web-surfing type work. It really takes little horsepower to display open windows of static (not serious 3-D animated gaming) information (like web pages, Word docs, or emails) on multiple monitors.

That's not to say a high-end model will not provide better performance, it will - but that's the same for any computer, regardless the number of monitors attached.

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