Tripple Monitors?

Is it possible to have a tripple monitor setup? If it is, what hardware piece do you need to be able to do this? I would imagine that you either need at least 3 fucntioning display ports (Not meaning "displayport" itself but 3 different display outputs) on the graphics card or an adapter that turns one HDMI into 2 if you were say for example dual monitor-ing between DVI-I and HDMI.

If additional hardware is needed can you link the hardware for me please? Thank you. :)

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You can have as many as screen as you want if your PC can handle it. There is a USB monitor that can be used to extend your desktop. But it would only be good for office and web browsing application. It would be too laggy for gaming since it's only USB connectivity.

If you have a spare monitor already, you can get a USB to HDMI adapter (there's also USB to VGA) to connect an additional screen to your setup:



Or just simply get a triple screen capable video card. There are plenty to choose from but watch out for your power supply as well.

Personally, I am running 4 monitors (I can connect up to 5 by I barely use my 4th monitor...hahaha) using the onboard video card (dual screen capable) and an add-on graphics card that is capable of running 3 monitors by itself (but one has to use an active displayport adapter).


But with that link, it seems that you are just asking to promote something. Oh well.... admins may get rid of this thread.


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Thanks for the post. I wasn't trying to promote, but I have never used 3 monitors like that before. I was pretty sure I knew how to do it but just wanted to get some additional advice, which you have provided for me. Thanks.

Is that PC in the pic above a custom build? That appears to be a mid tower.


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Is that PC in the pic above a custom build? That appears to be a mid tower.
That used to be a regular HP i5 PC. I added a lot of hardware upgrades and I needed more space inside so I switched to a bigger case. Yeah it's a mid-tower. A Thermaltake Commander MS-I Snow Edition.

Here is the the before and after shot:


Also added hot-swappable hard drive trays in front later on:


Nice! Looks great!

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