Windows 7 Trojan Threat Alert for Windows® 7 and FIFA World Cup™

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    Trojan Threat Alert for Windows® 7 and FIFA World Cup™
    PC Tools has identified that cybercriminals are continuing to target major news stories and global events such as the recent release of Windows 7 and the FIFA World Cup.

    Thousands of Windows 7 builds downloaded on Torrent and P2P sharing sites contain a malicious Trojan designed to target your personal information and has the potential to cause system failure and result in identity theft or financial loss for the end user.
    We’re also witnessing phishing attacks targeting the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Tournament and there’s evidence to suggest that the FIFA related attacks will continue to escalate, as demonstrated during the previous FIFA World Cup when related phishing attacks jumped by 40%.

    What you should do to help protect yourself:
    Only purchase/download products from trusted sources
    If you've downloaded Windows 7 from a torrent site, you should use your security software to run a comprehensive scan of your computer to check for Trojans and other threats.
    If you're not already protected, look for reputable award-winning software such as Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus and Internet Security and ensure you apply security updates regularly.
    Avoid clicking on links sent to you via emails and instant messages even if they appear to be sent from a known or reputable source. Regards
    PC Tools Team

    Confirmed here as well: FIFA World Cup 2010 kicks off cyber-attack fears - Digital Life
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    What about messageboards. :p
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    Seems like the PCTOOLs Team is trying to get a jump on the competition.


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