Windows 8 Trojan:Win32/Quidvetis.A encounter


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I was checking the net for some repair parts for my truck .....Ok, stop laughing, its the truth..:angel: A message popped up from Windows Defender saying malware had been detected and it was taking action.

It seems Windows Defender did quarantine 2 instances of the same Trojan and both have been removed, so I assume my machine is clean. I ran Malwarebytes just in case and it found nothing. Microsoft doesn't have much information on the Trojan, but that it was first noticed around the first part of June.

But I noticed something just before the message popped up. For the last several minutes before the message, the hard drive had been making an unusual ticking sound, in a random manner and the frequency seemed to depend on whether a page was loading.

So, I was wondering if anyone might know if the ticking could have been related to the Trojan or possibly Windows Defender taking action. It seems strange it would do that unless something was causing the drive to change its normal activity.

Hey Saltgrass, I've not ran into that Torjan (yet), but I run Malwarebytes Pro for real-time protection, along side Windows Defender and I've not had a problem since. When visiting sites, it will show a popup now and then saying it blocked a malicious attack.

I think your right that the Trojan might be playing with your HDD. Have you run your malware in safemode?