Windows 7 Trouble installing HP OfficeJet G95


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I'm trying to install my HP OfficeJet G95 in Win 7 with no success. The G95 is on my home network via a JetDirect 170X print server. The OS does not see the print server. When I give the printer setup wizzard the print server's IP address I get a list of printers to choose from. the G95 is not on the list. When I feed the wizzard the drivers that came with the printer Win 7 says go see HP for the latest driver. The latest driver from HP doesn't recognize Win 7 and therefore will not load. Any suggestions?
Successful installation of HP OfficeJet G95

I just installed my HP OfficeJet G95 successfully on Windows 7 Beta (Build 7000).
As you, I gave the printer setup wizard the print server's IP address and got a list of printers to choose from. the G95 not on the list. Now I pressed "Windows Update" in the dialog box. For ten minutes nothing happened, and so I went away. When I got back two hours later, I had a list with the G95 on it. I selected it, installed it, and just got a test page that seems OK.
Well, don't know if the "Windows Update" took 11 minutes or nearly two hours, just be patient at this step.
I am having the same problem, and cannot find a "windows update" button to get additional drivers. Thanks for any help!
Thank You. It took about 5 mins to update the list, after pressing 'Windows update'. The printer works fine now.