Trouble installing SATA HDD

Welcome, this actualy happens to be my first post here.

I have trouble installing HDD - it is the same type as the other HDD I already have in my PC, taken our from my old computer, it still haves data on it, I removed the 150mb/s limit (I have Crosshair II Formula m'board, it should support 300mb/s I think). The new hdd is not a system drive, only data storage, some applications. The main problem is that the startup (flashing windows logo) just freezes. I actualy left it for like 4 hours, the drive seemed to be working all that time, though I don't know what for. It might contain 200/500 gbs... It's Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500320. Had to unplug it again, just to be able to post here...

Anyone know what is happening?

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