Trouble installing Windows 10 from laptop USB drive


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I was given a laptop buy a friend - it's a Samsung NP470R5E. I am trying to upgrade the laptop from Windows 8 (which is what it's running now) to Windows 10. I have went into the laptop BIOS and set everything so it will boot from a USB drive, then I downloaded Windows 10 installation media off the Microsoft site on to a USB drive.

I have tried to boot off the USB several times, but without success. When I start up the laptop I press F10 to get the boot menu and I choose the USB drive from the list. When I do I get these lines at the bottom of the screen and eventually the Windows logo appears with a progress circle at the bottom that spins a few times and then stops. After a moment I get a blue screen with an unhappy face that says the system has encountered an error and needs to restart.

I have tried using both USB ports on the laptop with the same results. I have even tried downloading the installation media on two other USB sticks, but the results are the same. I have tested these USB drives on the laptop (when I'm on the desktop) and they work just fine - they just don't work when I'm trying to boot from them for some reason.

If anyone could give me some advice or suggestions on what to do here I would appreciate it.


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After you created the bootable thumb drive from MS MCT.....plug in the USB and reboot.....then at post beep, start tapping the F12 key until you get the boot menu, then select the USB and hit enter.


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Well I managed to upgrade the laptop to Windows 8.1, then I used a how-to thread in the TenForums to create a bootable USB with a program called Rufus. I could not get the USB drive to appear as a bootable option in the BIOS, or in the quick boot menu upon startup (F10), so I just clicked on setup.exe from the USB drive once I was on the desktop.

It appears to be updating to Windows 10 without any issues so far, but we'll see. Maybe using Rufus made the difference.