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Hi - I am trying to use the "Open With" option in order to open a photo in Photoshop Elements 11. However, I'm having trouble. Just the program will open but it won't automatically open the photo (I can open photos from within the program by going to File - Open just fine). In a previous version of this program it worked just fine using "Open With" to open a photo. One time I put a photo on my desktop and used "Open With" and it worked just fine with version 11 of the program. However, I can't seem to get it to open from that location now or from any other locations using "Open With". I think the problem may be that the item on the "Open With" list is pointing to the wrong thing so I try to select "Choose Default Program" and select the correct program by browsing there (the file I need to use is called PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe). However, once I click on this file that is supposed to be used to open the photo and click open, the file doesn't show up in the Open With dialogue box. It's not even there. The only thing there is the wrong link despite the fact that I clicked on the right link. I checked and I do have full permissions for this file with read/write capabilities. Any help would be ***greatly***appreciated. Thanks.


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Can you open other file types that way, basic text files etc.?

Try double clicking, and see what happens.

Have you had any other problems, like with "anything", or Blue Screens?

Hi - Thanks for your reply. I tried and I can open a pdf that way. I can also open photos that way with a previous version of Photoshop Elements. It's just that the current version of the program is not working that way. It needs to open it with a file titled PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe and I can browse to find that file from the browse button of the "Open With" window but when I click open that file doesn't show up at all. It's like I never selected it at all (though I did). I'm puzzled.


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Open with and references to the file extension it associates with a certain program are all within the registry. Otherwise, I would check to make sure that your OpenWith.exe file is okay. You could try System File Checker for this, and specify the location of that executable.

Hi - Thank you for your reply. I can't seem to find the location of the OpenWith.exe file. Thanks.

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Thanks everyone for helping. I found a utility that added the program to the Open with menu and it works great now.


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Bingo, that is! :)


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I also face this problem many times :(


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Let's hope niagara94 shares the info.

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