Trouble using windows 7 to locally access DVR

Hi everyone, New to windows 7 and not sure if this is something you can help me with or not. I have been tring to setup my dvr to be able to access my security cameras from a remote location, but have not had much luck. My present problem is when I try to log into my DVR locally, using my lab top, the web service page that comes up does not look normal. There is a message that reads THIS WEB PAGE IS IN CHINESE. There is a translate button on the far right of the screen but when I click it nothing happens. To access the DVR I put the IP address of the DVR into the address bar. I have tried both wired and wireless.
I do have a desktop that is hard wired to the same netgear router that the DVR is wired into and I can access the DVR locally from it with no problem.
I am tring to get the labtop to access the DVR locally before I take it out to try to access the DVR from a remote location.

Notes: I just got this Wireless Netgear router a few days ago. My old router was a linksys (not wireless).. I got this Labtop from my daughter. It is about four yrs old. Running windows 7 on labtop. Running XP on desktop. I am thinking this might be an activeX problem but not sure. I am still a little green on windows 7. I went in and enabled all of the activeX options. I did this while talking to a tech from netgear who helpped me setup portforwarding. The DVR is an Intellicam JS-8XLA series.
Does anyone have any ideas for getting the web service page to come up normal on my labtop.


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Can you access the internet on the problem child? Can you access the desktop? Can you access the netgear web admin page? Is a proxy server set?

From the laptop open a command prompt and do "ipconfig /all" and post the results.

"THIS WEB PAGE IS IN CHINESE"???? What browser are you using?

Thanks for the reply. My daughter ended up taking this lab top home with here last night. She is going to drop it off at a Staples Store to see if they can figure it out.
I do have my notes on doing msconfig while tring to solve this problem.
Labtop IP Subnet Mask Gateway
Desktop IP Subnetmask Gateway
I am able to surf the net with both computers without any problem.
You ask if I can access the desktop, if you mean can I use networking to access the desktop, I don't have networking setup for these two computers. I can access the netgear router with my desk top, it is hard wired to the router. I have not tried to access the router using the labtop.
I am not sure what you mean when you ask "is a proxy server set"


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ipconfig /all would have gave more information. You should have been able to access the router with the laptop. A proxy server is here:

Proxy server - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

you can set a web browser (ie 9) to use a proxy server.

I should have asked if you could "ping" the DVR? Since you could have accessed the internet with the laptop (wireless) it may have been firewall or LAN settings.

I could ping the dvr from both the labtop and the desktop with four good replies from both computers. I do have one question, I noticed when I was answering your previous question about my ip addresses that the labtop ip was and the gateway for the labtop was Are these two addresses the same?
In other words do the last two digits (00) in the gateway address mean anything? If so could this be my problem?


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The gateway is the router IP address! It will be the same for both laptop and desktop.

Here is an update on my problem. I have another computer in my dinning room that my grand kids use to play games on. It also has windows 7. Normally this computer is not connected to the internet. We got a wireless adapter for Christmas, this morning I set this computer up with a wireless connection. I attempted to connect to my dvr and got the same results that I got with my labtop. A web service page in Chinese. I guess the problem has nothing to do with my labtop. I plan on calling the dvr tech support team where I purchased my dvr to see if they have seen this problem before. I will keep you posted.

New update. I have not been able to contact the tech support team that I purchased the DVR from yet. I finally got the web page to show up in English. I had to download an activeX add-on. The web page still does not look anything like the web page I get when using the computer with XP. As I said before I am just learning windows 7. I have always used XP. Maybe this is normal. I am still having trouble getting the web service page to give me access to my cameras. I hope this is something the tech support team can help me with.
Thank you ttb farm for your replies and tring to help.

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Maybe try Firefox or Chrome to see if there is any difference.

OK folks problem solved. I got in contact with tech support and they told me that I needed to change my Compatibility View Settings under Tools. This fixed my problem. I have the normal web service page using windows 7 and I can access my DVR.
Thanks all

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