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First of all, I'm pretty illiterate with computer, although I can usually figure things out. This is a problem with my e-mail, I think, so I don't know if you will be able to help. Just noticed last night that I cannot attach photos to outgoing e-mails. Everything seems to be working; I click on the pix in my files, click "open" in the e-mail box, but it doesn't load! Then I noticed that I cannot open pictures in e-mails sent to me, although I opened them a few days ago. I have internet service thru AT&T Yahoo, so I may have to call them, although I dread the thought of that.


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Open the drop down Options. (If you are not familiarwith it - click the small blue icon, top left)
Select Options and then Safety Options. Look under the security tab and Untick Do not allow attachments..etc"
Tick "Show images and other..etc"
See if that works for you. If not, Yahoo may be you better option.
Apologies. Forget the foregoing. Just read your post again!! I am referring only to Live Mail.

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Are you using Windows Live Mail?

I've been having similar problems for the last few days, in addition the notification that normally shows up that allows me to tell it to show images that are blocked has disappeared too.

I've been receiving messages that appear blank when I open them.

Today I installed Mozilla Thunderbird and found that I could see all the messages when I opened them with it.

I'm going to back up my Address Book and Folders if I can figure out how and then uninstall and reinstall Live Mail to see if I can get it back to normal.

I wonder now that I see I'm not the only one, if this was caused by some update or something like that.
It was working fine a few day ago.

I'm pretty sure this doesn't have to do with you service provider.


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Do a repair on WLM or if nothing else, remove & reinstall it & give the Account a new P/W

You can mess w/ specific parts of WLE



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Looks like we best wait and see if it is Live Mail that is the subject of the thread here.

You are so right, Dave... indeed, he just & only says, "e-mail". Not sure why or how I'd be lead to focusing on WLM... quite, right, he's not mentioned it. We wait...

Thanks for the replies. I have AT&T Yahoo mail, though. I also noticed today that it won't download any attachments, attached to e-mails. We still have an older computer, with windows vista, that my wife uses occasionally, and I used her e-mail to send some pictures yesterday. I tried the older computer and my e-mail doesn't work there either, as far as downloading or uploading attachments, works fine for receiving or sending e-mails. I just tried her e-mail on the old computer to see if I could download pixs from her older e-mails. It worked on one and then when I tried again, the whole screen starts this pulsating, and continues to, untill I log off.

Suggest it's time to go w/ a different mail handler. You can use pretty much any address w/ WLM, as a good one. Staying away from yahoo stuff has come to seem like a fairly good idea.


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