Windows 7 Troubleshooting Mobile Testing Interview Questions


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I'm having trouble understanding some of the mobile testing interview questions on an online resource. Specifically, I'm having difficulty understanding the code in the "What is the method of testing mobile applications?" question. Could someone please provide some clarification on this code?


if (mobileApplicationTest.isTestable()) {
} else {

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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its pseudo code
translation by line;
  1. check your device can run this kind of test... if it can then move to line 2
  2. run the software to test this device
  3. if it can't then move to line 4
  4. post an error message to tell why it can't run the test on this device
examples may be you have a Windows phone and it can't run software designed for Iphone or perhaps its too old like W7 instead of W10, it may not have enough Ram or just refuses to allow your testing software to run... the important part of the code is the last line and this error message should tell someone trained in the software which problem caused the error i.e, the info must be enough to work out what the problem was

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