Trustedinstaller - an annoying situation for me

I wanna know if anyone knows how to get the Trustedinstaller permission, because i want to delete some files and folders of my system and it says that i need the Trsutedinstaller permission. Ok
I right click and did some stuffs on the security tab to be the owner of the folder, in some folders i have deleted, but in other ones it is saiyng restriction access, and im getting very pissed.
I'm the owner of my PC, in my home, i'm not a third person trying to mess with someother computer.
In the account user in control panel says that the Administrator have full acess and no restriction on files, folder , etc, but this is not what im seeing, because i can't delete files in my own PC? And the files are from windows XP on another HD, its not Win 7 files.
Please, help

I reckon you need to take ownership of those files before you can delete them, you can download a small zip file from here that will add it to your right click menu :D

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