Trying to have both at the same time.

Hi this is probably not windows 7 specific however I am trying to accomplish it in Windows 7 so I'll ask. I have decided to dual boot one of my PC's at work. I am testing 7 out for a few programs that are specifically used with my company.

Here is the issue: I am only testing just a few things to see if they will link up fine with the XP Pro network. I can do anything I need on the network domain as far as folders and file/printer sharing. However, there is one program that needs security rights from the domain in order to display the correct menus. I do not want to join the domain with this OS, just use specific programs on it. I need to do a "runas" command or something in order to get the security rights I need. Is there anyone that can help me with the syntax of the command/commands that I need in order to use this specific program on the domain without having to log the whole OS on?

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