Trying to install Starcraft.

I keep getting this error. I looked all over online and I'm not seeing the same issue. starcraft error.png

On Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.


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Are you sure you have x64 version of Windows?

Look in your C:\ drive. Do you have a folder called "Program Files (86)"?


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I'm having a similar issue with the starcraft anthology installer, which I tried after I had problems installing from disc. Very confused here, I've used the same discs and installer numerous times on my other computer with windows 7 with no issues....both are 64 bit. Capture.PNG

Are you installing this game in compatibility mode?
(right-click setup.exe -> properties -> compatibility tab)


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I haven't tried that yet, but not sure how to do that with the download installer as opposed to the cds.

edit: just tried it in XP sp3 compatibility mode, and this is the message that came up: Capture.PNG

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Never mind anything I said. I found my old install disks and installed/patched it with absolutely no problem. All is good. However, if anybody figures out why, I'd like to know just for the sake of my curiosity.

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