Trying to Rienstall Vista

I am trying to reinstall Vista Home Upgrade and when it gets to the final stage it dumps and reverts back to Xp. I have turned off the Internet security and such and it still ends the same. D0o I need to Uninstall the virus and Internet protection or what ? The only thing on the Compatibility Issue is Windows Messenger. Thank You


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Hi bbird, welcome to the forum. Have you tried booting from the disk? If your copy of Vista is an upgrade disk you should be able to do this no problem. Just go into the bios and set the first boot device to CD/DVD. Place the upgrade disk in the drive and leave the bios screen. Your machine should now boot straight from the disk (make sure you press any key when prompted). follow the onscreen instructions and you should be good to go.

I tried that and It got me to the point of registration where I was informed that the product key I had would only let me upgrade in windows and would not let me do an clean install that I would have to purchase another version to accomplish this. Go figure



i'm surorised you suggest a boot from the upgrade disk.
brain lapse??
btw, the ie 8.0 beta is the pits.
xp can't lay the pictures out without text on top, vista is screwed with plain vanilla icons. won't let me change.
i was able to dump 8.0 out of xp, but looks like its embedded in vista.


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Hmm... thats weird. I had a copy of XP which was a upgrade version and I could boot from disk with that. Maybe Vista is now different..
sorry you don't like the beta but it is after all just a beta. I'm still using it but after all, with my brain lapsing from time to time it's not an issue :)..Anyhow if you want to uninstall it from Vista go to the uninstall programs page via the control panel, then click 'view installed updates' on the left-hand side, from here you'll be able to uninstall the program.
Ok back to the original problem..
bbird have you tried phoning MS?

No not yet was trying to avoid the hold on the phne but I will give them a try thank you


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I hope it goes well :)

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