Trying to run Virus Scan (CLAMWIN) and Backup Utility (SEAGATE MANAGER) in standard user.

I have a problem....

I have two programs that I need to run when the PC is on late at night.

I have my BIOS set to boot up the PC @ 1AM every day; then I "wanted" to run the backup and virus scan automatically then use shutdown.exe to shot down the PC @ 4AM.

Here is the problem...

First I am a novice at Windows 7 security and that really ruins my chances... if anyone helps I may need step by step because of my novice status.

CLAMWIN can run as a comamnd line but cannot scan my user folder (C:\Users\xxxxx) due to security restrictions.

SEAGATE MANAGER (FreeAgent) cannot run as the command line at all. Seagate Manager MUST run when the user is logged on. I also imagine this tool will have security issues as well.

First, I was trying to create a second standard account on the PC then have the seagate manager run normally and then have the virus scan run from the clamwin scheduler. The reason I used the standard account is because i needed to have the password remvoed so the PC could boot into it; I then setup the time restrictions on it (to avoid it getting used for anything else). Well as you may already know this did not work. The first problem is the one mentioned above (clamwin could not get to my user folder to scan it). I tried to set it up to run as administrator but it failed. Clamwin ran but did not find any files to scan.

I then tried to create an administrator account and add the parental control (time) and could not.

I am lost....

I really want to have the PC boot into an account... run the virus and backup then log off (@ 1AM) but I cannot seem to figure out any way to get this to work.

Any thoughts????

I even thought of uninstalling all the SEAGATE crap and just find another backup utility to do the job... can WIN7 do this???

Anyway, please help!!


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