trying to set-up folder access permissions

trying to set-up some specific folder permissions here at work.

on this one folder i would like a specific user to only be able to create files, read them but not be able to modify any existing files.

how do i set-up the folder permissions for this?

>advanced security settings

would it be selecting the following:

-traverse folder/execute file
-list folder/read data
-create files/write data

and then applying it to 'this folder' only?


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if you wanting to disable access to a file through a batch file so you can enter the path, enter your login name and then enter if you want to grant access to the file or deny then i can make you one?

thanks for the info.

i'm not looking to disable access completely to a file. i simply want existing files locked down so that no changes can be made to them.

at the link above it states:
Create Files/Write Data[/h] The Create Files permission applies only to folders and allows or denies the user from creating files in the folder.

The Write Data permission applies only to files and allows or denies the user from making changes to the file and overwriting existing content by NTFS.

this is the area i'm most interested in. i wish to grant the user the ability to create a new file in the designated folder but not allowing them to later modify the file once created.

how do i achieve this? it looks like i want 'Create files' active but 'Write Data' inactive. i'm not sure how to go about this.


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That's a little tricky because to create and write to a new file is the same permission as modifying. It's like saying, "As long as you created the file, you can modify it until you close it. Once you close it, you loose the permission and can't modify it anymore". I doubt that this can be done with Windows only. I would guess that a third party software for Networking management would be necessary. If you like I can look into it unless I'm mistaken and someone else can tell you how to do it with just Windows.

hi.. thanks for all the help.

i managed to solve this through the advanced security permissions.

i basically had to add the users name twice to the policies.. and 1 policy reflects privileges through folders.. the second reflected privileges through files.

this allowed me toggle the create files/write data options properly.

windows really makes the execution of this too complicated... they really need to clean that section up.

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