So i use tune-up utilities 2009.

I went to do one-click matenence. Got to defrag. 50% Fraggmented!!

Then it takes ages.

Its been 2 hours and only on 19.5%. The worse thing is my space is going.

At the start before my defrag i had 53.2gb. Now its gone down to 52gb. It keeps going down. WHY!


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I'd stop the fragmentation then run chkdsk making sure you tick the box to find and fix errors..

Then try defragging with this utility:

Disk Defrag - Reclaim the Speed Of Your Disks

It's faster than the default windows version, plus it's free...


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I have my Vista set to automatic defrag. Its never been any problem that way....

I stoped it since it was late but now i have 2gb less space on my hard drive than before.

Should not of stopped it. My pc would not start until i did a system restore. But now using windows defrag its taking ages and taking my space again. It went up to 52gb and then starts going down in 100 mb like 52gb then 51.9...51.8 etc.

I'm not an expert on defragging, but in theory wouldn't it use up space as it's moving files from one to play to another, stores them, then puts them in the appropriate location later once it finds more files like it?

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