TuneUp Utilities Change - Internet Alert Boxes fade effect

I installed TuneUp Utilities a while ago, and one optimization option it gave me was to remove the fade effect that popup alert boxes give. You know, this:
<script type="text/javascript">alert('This is an alert.');</script>
Unfortunately, I want that back now (since I didn't understand what it meant at first), but no such option was given to me. I even uninstalled the program but it still didn't come back.

Is there a way I can bring the fading effect back? It's a small thing but small things tend to affect me a lot.


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Right click your computer and choose properties \ Advanced system settings In the Advanced tab, in the Performance section, click on Settings. There, you can choose any option other than "Custom" and your fade effects should return to your computer.

Or in Tune Up Utilities you can click on "All functions" in the Customize Windows section, go to "Animation" tab and in "Effect" choose "fade in". (You can also set everythig back to default by clicking the default button).

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Thank you so much! It was on custom setting already, but the second "Animate" setting was deselected. I just selected that and the animation's back. Thank you!! :D


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Glad to help. Now you can change your mood from angry to happy :)

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