Turbo C + + LITE problem.


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I have Windows 7 on 64-bit architecture and I want to install Turbo C + + LITE (this edition / version).

I can't do this because i have 64-bit and I can't install it, so I'll use an emulator that needs the folder where it is installed Turbo C + + Lite.

I appeal to you if you can take Turbo C + + LITE from here -> Untitled Document (click on the penultimate row of the blue window), install the program, and then send me the folder (here in an archive in a new post) with the installed Turbo C + + Lite and after that i will emulate it, because i want to run it on x64.

Of course you can come up with some suggestions that could replace Turbo C + + Lite, but I prefer more to do this trick.

Thanks in advance!

I hope I haven't violated any rule.


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For example I want to know with what IDEs (other than those mentioned on archives and can run on Windows 7 x64) can I run the following algorithms from the attached archives.