TurboTax Won't Launch

I installed TurboTax using a cd - it installed okay, but when I tried to launch I got this message:

TurboTax Error.jpg

I connected with TurboTax support and they walked me through downloading the software from their website. Again when I tried to launch, I got the same message.

I then installed the software on my Windows Vista laptop using the cd - it installed perfectly and launched without a problem.

I'd prefer to work my taxes on this computer - wonder if anyone has a solution for this problem.



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You can try to manually force the registration of the errant DLL by using regsvr32 from a command prompt or the run dialog box
regsvr32 PresentationNative_v0400.dll
and since you don't say which version (32 or 64bit) of Windows 7 you are using you need to be aware of this caveat when using regsvr32 on a 64 bit system to register a 32 bit dll Error Message When You Run Regsvr32.exe on 64-Bit Windows
or else try re-running the install in compatibility mode and include the check box at the bottom that says "Run as Administrator (right click the executable (setup.exe) choose properties then the compatibility tab)


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Since .Net 4 is normally updated through Windows Update, you might check it to make sure it is OK.

But if you open the Programs and Features in the control panel, there is a .Net 4 Client you should be able to repair if you right click and select change/uninstall.

If that doesn't work, maybe try running a SFC /scannow from an administrative command prompt.

I was on the phone for a long time with TT support and they tried many things nothing of which worked and left me with the info I will contacted when they find a solution. TT did not work for me until i realized that Visual Studio 2011 had installed a .net 4.5. Seems TT does not like it. Once removed, i repaired the TT install, which installed 4.0. have you tried installing windows virtual pc. From within windows 7 you can run a virtual XP machine, and you will be able to load copy of TT. The virtual pc can access your hdd, so TT will be able to import your historical tax records.

Best of luck

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