Turn off ACIP


I am having problems with my Sony VAIO Laptop suddenly cutting off power. Ive been reliably informed that this is a regular problem with the laptops, and is due to an unstable cpu voltage, so the thermal sensor is sending an overheat-message to the OS falsely.

Therefore, I need to know how/if its possible to turn off the ACPI (in Windows 7, 6.1.7000 Build 7000) to stop this happening, and if so how....

Any help would be greatly appricated!



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I have never seen the overheat setting be set from within the OS, this is not a function of Windows.
Windows itself could care less if your hardware is overheating or not. however, there may be software installed, such as Sony Power Management software that may do this. But not windows itself.
It is normally set in the BIOS as it is a hardware fail safe.

Check with Sony on how to disable the Shutdown on Overheat protection, but I can tell you, that will probably void any remaining warranty.

so, is there any way to turn of ACIP in Windows 7?

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