Windows 7 Turn off log in screen


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May 10, 2009
Howdy, forum! I officially love Windows 7! Its been working very nicely, with one minor (and really, it *is* minor) complaint. Every time I "wake up" my computer after the screen saver has been on, I actually have to log back in! I have looked at the screen saver options and unchecked the box that says "on resume display log in screen" and yet this still happens. Are there any other places that I should look to disable the log in screen? Thanks muchly! Best, Lisa
Open Control Panel, then click Handware and Sound. Under Power Options, click "Require a password when the computer awakes". Change the option to "Don't require a password".
Josh, Thanks! I can't imagine how many weeks it would have taken me to figure that out! Done and done! Best, Lisa
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