Turn off pre-selected file name on save-as

Before Win7 came along with it's neat pre-selected file name field, I used to be able to sweep in with my mouse and in one deft click-and-drag select the part of the name I'd want to change. That is almost always what I need to do - just modify the file name. I can not remember a single occasion since I got Win7 when I needed to change the whole file name on save-as. Now I have to click there first to get the selection to go away, and only then can I click and drag to select the part I want. Sometimes the selection doesn't go away with the first click and I have to try again, and sometimes yet again. The thing is you have to click precisely between the letters for it to go away.

It sounds minor but it's something I have to do so often that it is very annoying. I'd really rather not have the name pre-selected for me and I wish I could find a registry tweak to turn it off. Please, does anyone know how?

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