Turned on to find all files missing and destoop reverted to original state.

Hello all.

I have had a good few searches but my problem keywords seem to be a bit generic.

My issue is that I recently turned on my PC and the desktop had reverted back to the standard Windows 7 background with none of the desktop files. On further inspection I found out none of my files within My Docs and C: were there, it was as if I had logged on as a new user. I am the only user on this PC.

I restarted and everything returned to normal. This has happened a few times now and to be honest, it's unnerving me a bit, I wonder if anyone can shed any light on this issue for me.

My machine is:

Novotech PC/NB
Intel Core i7 PCU 920@267GHz 266GHz
RAM 6.00 GB
64bit OS

Thanks in advance.



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Did you "upgrade" to Windows 7 or did you do a "Clean" install?
As always, it's best to backup your files just in case you turn on your beast one day and everything's gone.


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Go to Start > Search progress ans files and type fix problems.

Choose fix problems with transparency and visual effect's run the Aero trounle-shooter to see if your graphics card passes the test.

Thanks for the responses. I had Windows 7 installed as OEM so it's not an upgrade. I have transferred my files from my current PC, however.

I have some serious back up so I am lucky enough not to have to worry about that aspect, however, I am concerned about the fact that this has happened a few times now.

Thanks also for the pointers, the fix problems procedures pass all the tests.

It's a mystery :confused:


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Have you uninstalled the bloatware associated with your OEM copy?

Have you uninstalled the bloatware associated with your OEM copy?
No I haven't. I'm not very technical, I am sorry. Is there anything specific I should unistall?

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