Turning off NAT = troubles ?

Is it safe to disable the NAT funcionality on my router? ( Router model : SMCWBR14S-N2 )
Because it goes in conflict with my modem, probably because it has a NAT funcionality included on it too, im not sure ( Modem model : ARRIS TM502G )

And are there any secondary issues if I turn off my NAT?


If the modem is connected to the WAN port of your router there should be no conflict.
If you have to disable one of them, disable it in the modem. You need Network Address Translation and DNS from the router for your LAN.

Well the problem is that my modem doesnt allow me to change settings as it's a Cable Modem.

Ok... how about describing the problem you're having...
maybe there's a different solution.

You can't disable NAT on a router.

It's how they actually work to route.


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Your ISP works on a "public" IP address, your home network works on a "private" address. For typical home routers this is of the form 192.168.*.*. For a pc to be able to talk to your router and the rest of your home network it has to have an address which is part of the private network - in other words it must be 192.168.*.*. For your router to be able to talk to your ISP and the rest of the internet it must have a public address which makes it part of your ISP. For anything on your home network to talk to your ISP and the rest of the internet it needs to communicate between the public and private networks - this is what Network Address Translation does - it translates public address from your ISP to private address on your home network. Without NAT your home network and the internet cannot communicate which means TorrentG is quite right (he just put it more succinctly than I have :) )

As you requested, I'll tell you my problem.
I copyed this from my post on another windows 7 forum.

"Hello all! My problem is this:

-There is a online shooting game called S4 League, some of you may heard of it.
I never had problems with this game untill now . In desesperate attempts to fix an error that I would get every 5-10 minutes after I logged in the game., I actually reformated my comp, multiple virus scan and I still would get the error. Then I thought " what about my router?!". TA-DAA. The router was the source of my problems since it blocked the connections the game needs to run smoothly.

So now that I found out the source of the problems, I need to know how to fix it. I wrote multiple tickets in the company support system and they told me this: " You should try to set your modem as BRIDGE and your router as a ROUTER." Then I sayd ok, and how do I do that!?!

They asked for the model names of my modem and router to tell me the exact configurations to do it. But they couldn't find them.

All this go me here!

Im in desperate need of help because if I want to play , I need to connect directly my computer to the modem and leave the router aside.

So basically what I want to know is:

-How do I set my modem as a bridge and router as router?
-If I set those correctly, will it damage or change any internet settings in the way to make internet slower or any different kinds?

Model Names are:
(MODEM) - Arris TM502G

PS: If you need further informations, just reply what you need and i'l tell you."

I reached the conclusion that the fault is either from the router or from the modem.
If I connect the modem directly into my computer, I wont get these errors. I only get them with the router plugged.
Portforwarding doesnt work becasue I still get these errors and probably it's because both modem and router have NAT's and they're conflicting.
Im not sure if I can buy another modem becasue it might not work due to the ISP, as they provide me new modems each year maybe? Im not sure what to do now to fix this because it gets really annoying!

I think it's more likely that you have some issue on the machine. (The notorious Bonjour perhaps.)

Can you perhaps post a screenshot or two of task manager showing all running processes?

Better yet, do this - type msinfo32 in the start menu then hit enter. File | save on the opened screen. Zip the saved file then attach the zip to a post using the paperclip above where you type, in advanced mode reply.


Anyhow, any type of port forwarding you do will have to be done on both router and modem alike, IF the modem has routing capabilities at all.

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Not too sure I could help with your issue using the info you just posted. I don't see anything wrong with networking like the presence of the Bonjour service, as I thought may be involved.

Anyhow, your current video card driver for the HD 4670 is from August of last year. You'd do well to update that. Here's the link:

Drivers & Support | GAME.AMD.COM


What you can try if you're up to it is uninstalling Avast! since it has a firewall. The firewall itself may be playing some type of negative role causing failure when networked through the modem and router together.
If you try this, use the tool in safe mode to remove:

AV Uninstallers - Windows 7 Forums


I just looked at your modem's .pdf. It is not a router at all and does not use NAT of any sort. It's a basic modem to receive internet service with one LAN port. Thus, there is no port forwarding or anything like that needing to be done on the modem.



On the updating the display driver, which one do I download? That website gets me confused most part of the times.

About the avast, Im not sure as I tryed to uninstall it and playing with it and I still got the error. But Which AV ( free ) do you recommend?

Drivers & Support | GAME.AMD.COM

Go to the link. Click on ATI Radeon™ Video Card Drivers.
You want the driver under "Full Catalyst Software Suite (Recommended)" - Click on "Windows 7 64-bit" there to download. Install.


As long as you uninstalled and did not simply just disable, then we can effectively rule out a firewall issue.

I always recommend MSE since it is the only antivirus that doesn't cause bsod under any circumstances. If you have no issues other than what you posted for, then I wouldn't worry about this aspect of things too much.

Well after installing CCC, how do I exactly do to upgrade the display driver? Sorry im kind of new at this.

Also I heard allot of people saying MSE and COMODO firewall was a great combination. Should I quit avast and use MSE with windows firewall or with comodo firewall?

The display driver is installed along with everything. As long as you ran the file you downloaded, until completion, things are well. You can check on the new driver date by opening device manager. Right click on the video card under display adapters section. Choose properties then look at driver tab. The date should now be 7/6/2010.

Well, Windows Firewall does an excellent job when configured to your likings. If not configured, it still does a great job of inbound protection. (Outbound needs manual tailoring to suit needs or wants.)

So, that's a choice for you to make. I don't think you'd go wrong with either option. For simplicity's sake if that's how you want to go, run the Windows Firewall.

If you installed the "Full Catalyst Software Suite" as TorrentG recommended, then the driver install was included as part of that package.

Your driver version should read: v8.753, you can verify this by a right-click on Computer, then Device Manager, then double-click Display Adapter and then Driver tab.

One other possiblity in all this is the ISP themselves...

Some ISPs throttle streams, some send Net Resets every few minutes as a means of preventing "dowload abuse" which basically translates to "Blocking Torrents". My ISP's upstream provider does this and it's postively infuriating... Everything except port 80 (HTTP) gets interrupted.

OH well im not sure if updating the display driver fixed the problem. Haven't tested tho. Because I stop getting the error when I unplug my router and connect my internet cable directly to the computer.

Another thing I dont think I explained well, at least a part of the problem.

I started getting these errors after some update the developers did in the game, and in theory these crashes with a message saying " Hacking Trial Detected" have something to do with the anti-hacks system they use in the game and something should be conflicting with them.

Updating the video card driver isn't going to fix the issue. I only suggested because your previous one was very old.

You'll have to contact the game manufacturer to sort the issue. The have your router mac address blacklisted.

I started getting these errors after some update the developers did in the game, and in theory these crashes with a message saying " Hacking Trial Detected" have something to do with the anti-hacks system they use in the game and something should be conflicting with them.
You should have told us about this error message right up front...
The problem is obviously coming from the game, not your router or your modem. Sounds to me like your router has been black listed for some reason. You need to contact the game support line and get it sorted out.

I do trust you wouldn't be so underhanded as to try to get us to help you hack into a game....

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Well I never hacked and I hope I never will, because hacking games it's just stupid IMO.
But it's annoying because 5-10 minutes after I get logged into the game, it says im hacking. And when im in the middle of a clanwar, it's REALLY annoying because once you get out, you can no longer join .
I seriously hope that my router mac adress being blacklisted in the cause of the error.
I'll reply/edit with any news.

Thanks for all your help!

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