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  1. ddrgsd

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    Feb 8, 2007
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    It seems that Vista will not recognize my external hard drive, a Lacie Bigdisk.
    It says that I'm missing a driver, but the thing is, it never required a driver in Windows 2000, or XP.

    My question is, Is it possible to use a generic driver for this, or do I just have to wait for Lacie to create a driver for it?
  2. talywkr

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    Jul 17, 2007
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    LaCie 500GB

    I'm having the same problem. I've been using my 500GB external with no problems, but now it say it can't find the driver to install the HD. Aarghh!!!
  3. TUSB6250 Boot Device

    LaCie - External Hard Drives, DVD±RW Drives, Monitors


    My Big Disk will not mount or is not detected. The System Profiler on my Mac or Device Manager on Windows lists it as unknown with the name TUSB6250 Boot Device.

    Please try the following:

    # Disconnect all cables connected to the drive.
    # Connect the power cable to the drive.
    # Connect the USB-cable. First to the drive. Then to the computer.

    If the drive is detected correctly the problem was probably caused by improper shutdown or un-mount (unplugging the cable without dismounting first, etc.). When this has happened, the USB-interface needs to reset itself properly. After this, reconnection should be no problem.
  4. I was having that problem for 2 weeks now. Your suggestion worked great. Thanks
  5. Thks

    I had the same problem. Thank God for people like you.
  6. It worked.

    Same problem here in Kazkahstan. Your solution worked like a charm.
    Thanks dude!
  7. Tusb6250 does not register (lacie big disc extreme)

    Thank god for clever people and internet forums!

    The above solution worked perfectly!!!!
  8. Thank You. You Rock

  9. a1crodriguez

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    Sep 19, 2007
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    Thank you

    It worked like a champ.... Thank you so much....:)
  10. Thanks

    Well, I'll be darned. This worked. Make sure you don't hit the power button on the front of the drive. Just let it power on automatically when you connect the USB cable to the computer.

    Thanks to the person that gave the cable connection sequence!
  11. had the same problem and it solved now got a new 1

    after i connected my lacie big disk 1GB

    made a new partition and stated to format the disk i got a new error massge :

    the format did not complete seccessfuly.

    and i cant format the disk just can delete and create partitions and cant format the disk

    thanks for your help

  12. j0k3r02

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    Oct 1, 2007
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    You are a GENIUS!!!
  13. my hero

    Thank you, Thank you!!!
  14. your suggestion worked for me too... Thanks
  15. Thanks man, I was getting pissed off :)
  16. Thank you so much. i was about to have a heart attack. i thought i lost everything on my drive!!!!! Your awsome
  17. thank you, thank you!
  18. Yup worked for me too! God Bless!
  19. It worked for me in that the unknow device in the device manager went away. But it is still not recognized as a drive when I click on my computer or in computer management under disk management. It's a good boat anchor sitting on the desktop as far as I'm concerned.

    Any other ideas?

    as to the previous entry I using server 2003 not vista. Still looking for a solution.
  20. Ionpropulsion

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    Nov 27, 2007
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    The Post of 09-10 worked! Thanks for finding the solution on the Lacie support page.

    Thank you!! :)

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