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Every Sunday morning I sit down with a cup of coffee and watch a show called 'Click'. It's made by the BBC and the full version can only be seen online. A shortened version is shown on the news channel.
Whilst not too 'in depth' it does have some interesting articles and is well worth a watch. All you need to do is click on the BBC iplayer to see the full version (for some reason the international version only shows the shortened episode).

This got me to wondering if there were any other such shows around and it would be great to have a thread containing them all.
So if you know of a good quality tech show that is broadcast online then please post it here...

To check out Click go here: BBC NEWS | Programmes | Click


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Utube has lots of content on PC related Stuff

Steve Gibson and Leo on TechTV SpinRight for HardDrives

Is Your Son a Computer Hacker?

Computer Science Unplugged: The show. Part 1: Introduction

There are tons of computer related shows and facts on youtube :D

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I can't stand watching Leo Laporte.. I don't know exactly why but I just can't bring myself to watch anything that he's in.. ;)

Back to the topic at hand.. Attack of the Show! is an awesome show that is also on G4 (TechTV).. ;)


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For those of us that were there......

Micro Men

TV Review Thursday 8 October 21:00 BBC Four
By Stewart Meagher
Tuesday, 6 October 2009, 13:14

CLIVE SINCLAIR is a well-known figure in the UK and has widely been credited with bringing the computer out of the lab and into the home but this comedy docudrama from the pen of Tony Saint digs deeper than ever before into the character of the man who brought us the ZX Spectrum.

Micro men - The Inquirer

I've seen the previews and actors from 'The Office' are in this and it does look good.. I'll be watching for a trip down memory lane...

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