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I have a Gigabyte P8000 Hybrid TV Tuner, and there is a problem. When I play in Analogue TV the screen is showing only black but plays sound. The digital TV shows ok the images and the video. Do you know why this would happen? I tried most everything i could do, I dont think is a driver problem, because all the other functions are playing normal.



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Yes, there are problems with TV Tuner cards.

Did you upgrade your driver.

I have located one here:

Gigabyte GT-P8000 TV Tuner Driver

This is for Vista 32-bit or 64-bit

Yes, I have exactly this driver. I tried all I could do with the driver :(. My opinion is that the problem maybe is at the ffdshow. Do you think, would be a conflict with the GPU?


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Do you have more than one codec pack installed?

Yes, I have :(


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I would suggest you remove a ll codec packs using a program called RevoUnistaller
Revo Uninstaller - version 1.83

After uninstalling the codec packs see if it works with them

I tried a search for best codec pack

The two post popular are the K-Lite and FFDshow.

So, I guess I'll leave that up to you

Hey there Polakias! I'm experiencing the same problem with my Gigabyte GT P6000 TV Tuner on my Windows 7 RC 7100. I'm having the exact same black screen and I am able to hear the sound. I have emailed the guys from Gigabyte and the ones from Presto PVR (the software the tuner came with, i suspect you have the same) and I was told that the tv tuner does not currently work on Windows 7. Also I have tried this with no codecs installed then with K-Lite and FFDshow with the same result. So you're not the only one with the problem :)


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Please visit this link for compatibility.

If no Windows 7 driver is available for your card, you can check here for Vista compatibility and it also gives you a link directly to the manufacturer.

If it stilll doesn't work, shoot them off an e-main l asking when drivers will be available.

Gigabyte GT P6000 TV Tuner


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Gigabyte Gt-P6000

Hello Guys i got problem with Gigabyte Gt-p6000 Tv Tuner Card With FM i use windows 7 .... and Presto! PVR player i get sound but black screen ... how can i fix this problem ... thanks before


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TV tuner cards have been a problem in Windows 7.

Give this download a try.

Uninstall the previous driver in Device Manager, then run setup

Or try this Google seach for a Windows Vista driver as no Windows 7 driver is available................

Gigabyte Gt-p6000 Tv Tuner Card windows 7 driver

I still haven't found a good driver for 7 , even the one you posted Reghakr is the old december one and it does not work. Oh well I had to resort to a second partition with a Windows XP to view TV :(+

Hello guys, I am facing the exact same problem!

Have anyone figure this one out yet?


I have also problem with TV-tuner GT-P8000.When I play in Analogue TV the screen is showing only black but plays sound.:( Please help

I have resolved this problem. I did a clean install, and downloaded the latest drivers and Utility from Gigabyte site. Install drivers and utility and reboot. After that I had everything working, only then I put the cd on the drive and installed the Remote control drivers :)

I f you don't want to format, try unninstalling all drivers and codecs related tith the tv tuner and then do this procedure. I read somewhere that someone did it like that.

Oh it was sugested by Gigabyte

:(I still got a problem:(


I apologize for my English, I write through the translator. I found the solution in the program's settings. If anyone interested please write to email I have a program that unlocks the buttons adjust the video settings. I also had this problem, but with this program, all is well!

only in the subject line write PRESTO PVR

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Hi guys!!!
I had similar problems and solution was latest driver for TV Card and latest Presto! PVR utility.
GT-P8000 - GIGABYTE - Support&Download - PC Components - Driver
Now I have different problem. I have sound and video but video is pixelized. Like there is no anti aliasing.
Is there solution to this?
TV Card works like a charm on Windows XP 32-bit.
Windows 7 64-bit

I Fix it on windows 7 ... i instal fresh windows 7
and install only Gt-p6000 drivers WITHOUT presto pvt ... and lunch the Windows Media Centar And Search for Tv Programs ... and the remote is working perfectly

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