TV Tuner DTV1800H - No Drivers Available

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    Hey Everyone, I've decided to install a copy of windows 7 (one of the newest ones) although I'm not sure if my tv tuner is compatible. When they used to release BETA's I installed build 7000 which was a while back, but the tv tuner never worked, it would never recognize the drivers. Although seeing as build 7600 is available I thought I might give it go, but just wanted to check up with the experts if the card will be compatible or if there is a way to make it compatible.

    Windows 7 32 bit edition - Build 7600
    TV Tuner - Leadtek DTV1800H
    Asus - P5Q3
    ECS - GTS250
    WD - 808GB HDD
    Samsung - DVD Drive
    Intel - Q8400
    Corsair - 3GB DDR3 Ram

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