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I just put in a tv tuner card and plugged in the cable
but I need some software for it, it didn't come with software,
witch one is a good one to use.




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It might be helpful if you gave us a brand and model number for the card? Does the card have drivers and installed OK?

Windows Media Center might be able to see an over the air tuner.


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Hello again all,

My pc guy put it in a few days ago and he didn't give me any drivers,
he said that windows 7 would update the drivers automaticly
and it didn't come with any software, he said that windows 7 has
Windows Media Center and this would work just fine,
but I try to find Windows Media Center on my system and I couldn't find it,
so I was looking around other sites and saw someone talking about how to get
Windows Media Center back on your system but when I went to programs and features
then to turn windows features on or off, a box popped up with nothing in it,
so now I'm stuck up a tree here, I don't really want to bring the pc back to the pc guy
because it's quite a ways away and I don't have a car lol, to much info.
one more thing please, if I go into (device manager) can I figure out what tv tuner card I have, and how.
the only thing that I thing it could be is something in (device manager)
called ATI Unified AVStream Driver or High Definition Audio Device

Any help would be really great, thank you


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It looks like the only Windows 7 edition that may not have the Windows Media Center is the Starter edition. Anything above that should have it listed on the Start Menu.

If you have the Starter edition, then you will have to upgrade Windows, or find the software for your card.

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