Two monitors with different heights weird cursor reaction

[Solved] Two monitors with different heights weird cursor reaction

When I shoot my mouse into the red zone (in an attempt to close a maximized window) the mouse cursor keeps traveling and ends up in that yellow area on the second monitor. It's like the cursor acts as if there is no gap in height.

When I move the mouse slowly in the red area, it doesn't "jump" to the second monitor. However, right in the area of where the X would be to close a window, if I move the cursor slowly around, it gets laggy and jumpy.

The other day it stopped happening altogether until I restarted the computer and now it's back. The interesting thing is that when things were fine (before the restart) it was still happening if I had VLC player shoved into the upper right corner of of the first monitor but not fully maximized.

Anyway, does anyone know why this is happening? It only started after I reinstalled Windows 7 (but used the same disc as I had used last time when this wasn't happening).

Edit: The cursor also lags around the upper right of the second monitor.

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What graphic card do you use?

Do you have heavy games installed?

What mouse do you have? (Have you tried a different mouse?)

Are your screen's resolutions different because they are different sizes?

Strangely, this didn't start happening until my most recent Win7 installation (same disc as before), and it started right away, before I even install anything.

Graphics card is Radeon 6850

Tried diff mouse with no luck.

And yes, the resolutions are different because the monitors are two different sizes (and aspect ratios), however, like I said, this has never happened before and everything is the same as my last Win7 installation as far as I know.

Maybe I'll make a tiny partition, install Windows on there and see if it's still happening.

Fixed it. I reverted back to a previous version of the ATI driver. I can't believe it didn't occur to me sooner. I've been putting up with this crap for a month now! Guess I'll just wait until their next release, see if it's "fixed" then.

Thanks to all for their help.


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I have had problems with newer versions of Nvidia drivers and sometime use archived drivers as well. You should still check with newer drivers like the one I posted since sometimes newer ones will have bug fixes that will fix your problem plus give you better performance. You can always read the bug fix list before you download.

Glad you worked it out.

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