Two Problems

1. My Alt-Tab and most other short cuts aren't working, is there something i can do?

2. Steam Compatibility. I use steam (Valve's game program), and my W7 forced it to run in compatibility mode, and my steam wouldn't open with the compatibility settings on. But when i checked if it had any compatibility settings, it didn't, so i used a previous version of it, it is working fine but now a message from User Account Control keeps popping up saying: Do you want to allow the following programs to make changes to your computer, everytime i try to run it, this has not happened before. I was wondering if this was a W7 error. Btw, im running the 32-bit RC.

If anyone can tell me some solutions or if they had similar problems to these ones? Thanks

If your shortcuts aren't working, something is interfering with them. Instead of Alt+Tab, try Window-Key+Tab to do the Flip 3D application switch. Does that work? If not, try plugging in another keyboard. If it still doesn't work, then you have a driver or program that is interfering with your keyboard.
Now, as to Steam, it shouldn't need to run in compatability mode. If you right-click on the Steam shortcut and go to properties, check the Compatability tab, and also under the button that says "Show settings for all users." You may get a UAC prompt, but that is okay. Make sure no compatabiity modes are on. If it still triggers compatability modes, then uninstall Steam and re-install it. Something may have gotten done oddly upon installation. You can uninstall Steam and reinstall it without having it remove your game-file cache, so no need to re-download and reinstall your games.
As far as UAC popping up each time when you run the old version of Steam, that is because it wants to update itself, and needs admin access to run the installer or modify its files. This is fine, and expected.
-Kurtis Whittington- Microsoft Windows Client Team

I'm having the same troubles with STEAM that other people are having. The latest case is that of STEAM failing to shut down properly, leading to a Windows 7 pop-up which informed me that the OS had detected the failure and had ever-so-helpfully decide to force it into compatibility mode. Only, when I check, there are no compatibility mode options selected to run with STEAM--not even under the "all users" tab. Nevertheless, whenever I try to run STEAM, I get a pop-up telling me that STEAM does not require compatibility mode and I should turn it off. Using Search, on my entire computer, both STEAM executeables show up with a "run as admin" shield on them, even though the desktop and file folder don't have the shield.

Aside from STEAM being glitchy for a new OS (which is expected), this episode highlights two failings of Windows 7:

1) I was not even given the choice of whether I wanted the crashed software (STEAM) in compatibility mode or not;
2) Whatever Windows 7 setting had been changed for "compatibility" purposes, I am unable to find it and manually correct it.


PS. (Reinstalling STEAM will work, but I SHOULD just be able to fix the tweaked environmental variable.)

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