Two Questions..

Ok, first question is:
When I first installed Windows 7, a buddy of mine had me install this program. It had a steering wheel as a logo, it had a "cars goes fast" theme altogether and it was supposed to help me keep my computer running at its best. It told me what the temp. of my computer was, was able to let me change the speed of the fans, and a bunch of other things. But I cannot remember the name of it. So my question is... does anyone know that name of it?

Second question:
Well, in the aforementioned program, I had pressed a button that said something like "Full Throttle" in an attempt to help Fruity Loops do a certain thing. Didn't help, because afterwards I restarted my computer, and now I can't log in. It boots up, but once it gets to the Starting Windows screen, it freezes. I can't load Safe Mode. But I can load Safe Mode with a Command Prompt. I tried a system restore within the Command line, but it didn't help. I also looked around the net, and found other people with a similar problem. They all found that it was there PSU, and to replace it with a certain model. But none of them accidentally messed around with a program that they can't name, like myself... And I would totally post my Computers specs... but I don't know them by heart, nor can I start my computer to find them... I just know it's very fast :p

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


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sounds like one of the motherboard overclocking tools that cause more problems than the small gains they bring. If you can, try get into Admin mode (F8 on loading PC) and see if you can uninstall the application, as for it damaging the PSU, well prehaps if it's one of the cheap sub £40 ones that can't cope with the stresses of overclocking. Post back results once you've tried.


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Highwayman is absolutely correct.
It sounds very much like a program called "OC Tuner" which comes with a lot of ASRock motherboards.
You may be able to enter into the system bios settings and over-rule setting applied my the program by choosing one of the default bios options usually called something like "Load BIOS Defaults" or "Load Performance Defaults", etc.
If it is an ASRock motherboard, then tap the F2 key when the system is booting, once in the bios screen, use the arrow keys to navigate to the smart tab at the top, and you should see the options that may help, select one, then choose the exit tab, and be sure to save changes and exit.
If it's another motherboard then the key or key combination may vary and is usually indicated by a message screen as the computer is booting. Something like hit delete to enter system setup, or F10 or something else.
Unfortunately if the program is set to run at startup it may very well reapply it's settings and you may be back at square one and uninstalling the program as Highwayman suggested may be the only option.

Thank you both, SO VERY MUCH!

The program was actually called EasyTune6, which is irrelevant, I know, but, still, thank you for the advice.

You both are lifesavers, in a sense :p

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