Windows 7 Two taskbars in one


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I really love the new taskbar and being able to pin items to it. And I've noticed that if you have too many items pinned you will get a scrollbar that enables you to switch between the two sets of icons. I thought that it was pretty cool and figured that I should make one set of taskbar icons for work, one for play and one for browsing or something similar. But the problem is that the scroll only appears when you have filled up the taskbar.

Is there some way to work around this? A modification or a setting to make me able to have multiple sets to scroll between depending on what kind of toolset I'm intending to use.
I believe you are correct, the only time you get the scroll bar is when the taskbar is full.

I don't know of any workaround
I've been running Rocketdock along with the Win 7 Taskbar (aka superbar) and wondered whether there is another way. Started with search "can I run two taskbars", it seems not (yet) so played around a bit more. Starting to think two taskbars might not be necessary: combination of W7 taskbar and toolbars, as per attached screen-snip, looking promising I think. The snip shows the very beginning with taskbar-pins and toolbars (Desktop, Quick Launch, Computer) including the issue of double Control Panel icon in Desktop toolbar plus I have CP in both Desktop and Quick Launch toolbars. Much tweaking obviously required, but potential here, I believe, to rid the need for a 2nd taskbar or supplementary dock. Task&ToolBars.PNG