Windows 7 UAC and World of Warcraft


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So I copied WoW off my other drive onto the Windows 7 partition. I always like to give it a reset when I do this, so I deleted the Cache, Interface, and WTF folders like I always do. Then I started WoW from the wow.exe to rebuild the folders. It started fine. I exited and the folders were not there.

Oh, ya, I remember Vista does that. You have to restart. Restarted. Not there... Oh, new UAC controls? Turned UAC all the way off / down. Did it again... not there.

Does Windows 7 have another level of control on programs creating files and directories?

Other than this, I'm very impressed thus far. Its snappy!


Reinstalled the directory and used the repair.exe to reset the interface. That worked. Now can't seem to get the sound in Vent of the game to work. The sound in Media Player works... hmmm
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