UAC issues


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I have installed W7 Pro and set up two user accounts, I'll call them Admin and Zepe. The problem is that the files I've set up in the Zepe account can't be accessed from the Admin account. The UAC won't let me do anything with those files, i.e. move then or delete them and visa-versa. I have set the UAC sliders all the way to the bottom on both accounts and the problem persists.

Is there a way to have full access to all my files from both user accounts since both accounts have Administrator privileges?

PS - I've also tried to log on to the Microsoft help site several times, but Microsoft doesn't recognize my DVD key.


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In the properties of folders you should have option to set permissions and if you open that you can see listed who has access for things like ownership/co-owner/read/write etc and will list all accounts options...tick to the accounts permissions you want and apply. Co-Owner basically give said accounts admin access to file same as the originator.


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OK, I'll give it a shot, thanx

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