UAC to be relaxed in 7


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Yes. There is a good weeks reading on the subject around the web (My name is fequently among the threads!). Maybe MS realise they are catering for the public and not for their own desires.
Among the many suggestions being hurled at them, this is one of the major.
Another which must be rectified is the question of ownership of the files. If you are the installer of an OS, then it makes sense to me that , by default, when complete, you should be automatically the global Administrator, as in previous OS's, and not merely the restricted Administrator. Of course, this should be supported by adequate warnings during the final stages of the installation. If the user, for safety reasons or other, then wishes to create a user account, that should be the user's choice.
I know that it is now well publicised as to how to release the full Administrator acount, but it is far from right that the purchaser should not have proper access to one's own computer!


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I totally agree with above and one has to wonder where MS was actually going with all this. Did they they think we had all suddenly turned into retards and needed our hands holding? I think MS really shot themselves in the foot with this one...

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