Ubuntu Uninstallation windows 7 installation


I have been trying to install Ubuntu in my lappie..unfortunately the process got aborted during the boot loader installation.
Now am trying to un install it completely and trying to install windows 7 on my PC.
But i get error when windows 7 installation kit is trying to "Expand windows files."
Someone please help.
Tools in hand :
Ubuntu live CD
windows 7 boot CD
I have no OS currently in my PC
Previously installed one was windows 7 which has been completely formatted during my ubuntu installation.
P.S : I dont want the data in other logical disks to be deleted.
Guess there is some issue with bootmgr.
Error says bootmgr missing.


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Is all this going on in the same partition? Did you have it formatted for ext3 or something beside NTFS? You may need to use the Live CD to check your Disk partitions to see how they are formatted and how your drive is setup overall. For instance, how many partitions and what is their formatting?

If it becomes necessary, you can use the Lived CD to format your future Win 7 partition as NTFS, but I hate to recommend anything since you state you have data on the drive you do not want to loose .

the only thing I can think of is getting a windows 7 installation disc install, and if you want to use ubuntu try wubi Download | Ubuntu

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