UI LOGON will not reconize logon for dell smart card usb keyboard

Let me give you a better description of the problem... I follow the instruction from the Gmalto instructions to install and configure Dell smart card USB Keyboard. This means I loaded the drivers for WudfUsbccidDrv and check Manager and it looks it recognizes the smart card and the smart card reader.... No indication of problems......WSUS setting options configure to retrieve latest drivers, but I manuallly loaded the one for OptiPlex 990 Desktop. I check the smart card services and certification propagation services and both are auto and running. When I insert the smart card and noticed in the manager that it reloads the drivers but it generates an event ID 11 System log EventViewer. When I SAS (ctrl-Alt-Del) process it only recognizes the logon option to enter the credentials (User/Password) and not detection of logon for Smart Card reader (PIN). Out of the steps mention above and I also ran certUtil command to check status of security certificate, when using option to retrieve information from smart card, it display the logon prompt for the smart card but the textbox to enter the pin is disable. I also open the certificate for the user and it I contains an entry for smart card login in the personal certificate. We have another machine(optiplex 990) that recognizes the smart card and when I ran the command certUtil it prompts the user with the pin logon and textfield enable as expected.
Different of both machines are the image(customize).... A quick fix will be to update the target machines to this new image but there are so many. I thought I could probably troubleshoot and try to isolate the differences between both machines. The only think I could come with is... WInlog ---- communicates with GINA via (SAS) action ctrl-alt-del to invoke the display the available prompt options of the machine to access the credentials. Would the Smart card services while showing in the component services as auto and running, will the actual setting at the registry level be wrong? .i know I could go ahead and check the registry section for this settings are compare both machines to see if that is the case. Just running out options.... Any suggestion will be appreaciate

Is there a tool I cam compare two windows images?

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