Ultimate 7 32 bit to Ultimate 7 64 bit

I purchased Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade. I did a clean install of the 32 bit upgrade to my XP Pro computer even though, according to the Windows upgrade advisor, I could install the 64 bit upgrade. This was because I was using Adobe CS3 Master series at the time.
I now have Adobe CS5 Master and want to change to the Ultimate 64 bit version.
I put in the 64 bit disk, restarted the computer and the system asked if I wanted to activate.... I choose yes ... activate... nothing else happened and now if I put in the disk and click on setup.exe it says your system is not compatible.....
Is there a clean install site that references "Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit"? I have cloned my 32 bit C:\ drive.... Will those files copy back to the newly installed programs on the 64 bit disk or should I use the "windows transfer program"? Which by the way makes no mention of a windows 7 reinstall....
Thanks for any assistance you can provide,
Pat Landy


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Pat I am afraid you have to do a clean (format drive) install when you go to a different version 32>>>64>>>32. Will you data copy back, most of them will it is by no means a sure thing. WET transfer files and setting that are in both versions. If it is missing in one or the other it may not.

MS and most of us recommend a clean install and re-install of apps. I dont know the specs of your system but unless you have tons of ram (much more than 4 gigs)

What else do you need assistance with?

Ken J

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