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Hi everyone,

recently I bought a laptop that had windows 7 pro on. I didn't receive a disc with it. only my serial number at the bottom. I had to format because of a shut down issue and 'my computer' issue. So I formatted with an ultimate disc,the only disc I could get. This edition told me that my serial key is not for that version. Is there something else I can do?



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Hello and welcome.

Did you buy the laptop from a store or used?

Who's the manufacturer?


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Bought it from a supplier that supplies pc equipment throughout the country to all businesses. Gigabyte laptop.


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It should have came with disks with it. You'll have to contact that outfit


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Do you think he may need an OEM cd? The Ultimate disc that you grabbed -- was it a retail disc? Maybe thats why it says your key is invalid, because its looking for a retail key and all you have is an OEM key.


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Hi there,
there is a small file in Windows iso's or DVD's which determine what version of 7 you are going to install, however all are capable of installing any version. To install the version you want so your key will work, is as easy as removing this file, allowing you to choose, or by editing it to install the version you want by default. This is called ei.cfg.

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If you only have the DVD you will have to make your own iso using imgburn or something similar. If you already have an iso, use the ei.cfg removal utility found here. Then burn the iso to another disk or to a pen drive, format and start again.

More info Link Removed - Not Found.

Let me know if you need more help and good luck.

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