Un-Signed Drivers: Usage Of ? (Sr. Citizen Question, Please)


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Running W7, the 64 bit version.

Installed a new HD on my three yr. old HP Desktop Pavillion as old one conked out.
Used the 3 HP System Restore Disks I made when I first got the PC.
All fine after re-install, except that one program will not run now.

Messages kept coming up that a Signed Driver was Required.
Vendor says that it is most definitely a signed Driver with program.

No idea why it worked before, and now, suddenly, decides that it needs a signed driver ?
It must have had one before, I would think ? Or,...?

Have been searching Google, and it seems that this is a fairly common problem.

If I press F8 during starting, and select the option to not require signed drivers, all works fine. But, this has to be done each and every time one starts the PC.
Obviously, one really big pain.

I also did the following that was suggested, but not sure what, if anything, it accomplished.
I still have to go thru the F8 routine each time:

You type in cmd.exe, Run as Administrator, then the DOS like screen appears in which
you type:

bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDisable_integrity_checks
and also type in: bcdedit.exe -set testsigning on
Then, an Exit from the DOS screen, and re-start of PC

But, I guess it is only to prevent the message from appearing, not locking in the setting.
At least this seems to be the case. True ?

There are a few programs offered from folks to lock the setting that would allow "un-signed
drivers" to be used, but there are also quite a few Posts re how the use of them caused many (other) problems.

Might anyone have any suggestions as to how could I "lock" the setting that I selected via F8 that is simple to implement (I'm not too sharp with this) and very "safe" ?

Much thanks, appreciate the help,


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Would you mind telling us what program it is giving you the message and what driver it mentions?

Windows 7, 64 bit version is very particular about its drivers.

I believe there is an option with the F8 boot options to ignore the signature requirement. But do you really want to do that?


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Thanks for help.

The program in question is one that provides the software for operating a Software Defined Receiver (SDR).
This is a shortwave radio that has a small hardware front end, with most of the tuning filtering, etc. being done in software.
It's made by WinRadio (Radixon) and called an Excalibur Radio.

The Driver in question is apparently: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\G31DDCx64.sys

It did work fine before I installed the new HD, so really hard to understand why it won't now.
Also, no one else has apparently experienced any problems, so it is undoubtedly something unique to my PC, and the new HD install.

If I press F8 during start, and select the option that allows for unsigned drivers, it works fine.
But, a real pain to have to do each time.

Thanks for help.
Any thoughts would be most appreciated.



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The software says it is Windows 7 compatible, so there should not be a problem. It seems to be signed, or at least the one I downloaded appears to be signed.

Maybe you could download the software again and try to reinstall..

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