unable to address a specific website with Vista


I am running the Ultimate version of Vista. I have been trying to get to a website (dating) that I was able to 2 weeks ago without any problems. Also I have no problems when I go to the site from my wireless connected notebook on the same network.

The problem lies in the fact that an old boyfriend had access to my computer 2 weeks ago when I was not at home and he may have changed something which blocks me from going to this specific site on my normal machine.

I have just rest my modem/firewall to factory settings - 1 week ago. Parental control has not been set nor has the MS Vista firewall been altered at all.

Any ideas as how to solve this problem would be wonderful.




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Hi, you could try this 'Hotfix' from Microsoft: Download details: Update for Windows Vista (KB933228) Which is for accessing certain types of webpage. If this one doesn't work, check the update section for further updates/Hotfixes as you may find something that applies. (you can probably access it using the link above. Hope you find this a help :)

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