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    I have a Toshiba laptop that I got 12 months ago. Everything was working good and then today the laptop fell off a foot stool. At first I was able to use it but after a few minutes a blue screen appeared and it restarted. An option to repair or start windows normally came up. I chose repair however it started to hang so I had to remove the battery and reset the system. It then came up with the option to go into safe mode or normal mode. I first tried normal mode but it would just hang at the windows loading screen or produce a black screen. I was able to get into safe mode but it was very slow.
    I tried to repair the disk again and it failed so I decide to just wipe everything out and start with a fresh install. I don't have the windows disk since they never gave it with my laptop but there was an option on the screen. It took 3.5 hours to reinstall to factory settings. During this time there was a few things that couldn't install so I just chose the option to install it later. I think there was like 3 such errors. Anyways since reinstalling windows I have not been able to load it at all, not even in safe mode. No matter what option I chose it starts to load (runs through the files in safe mode or shows the windows loading screen in normal) and then it flashes a blue screen for a split second and reboots which brings me back to the screen to chose to load in safe mode or normal mode. I tried to find the repair disk option or reinstall windows option again but it isn't there when I press the keys to bring up that menu.

    So now I don't know what to do. I am thinking about trying my MIL's vista disk (she got a disk with her laptop). I don't know if this will work since I had windows 7 on my laptop but I don't care. I have already lost all my stuff with during the fresh install and just want a functioning laptop again.

    Any help or suggestions. Unfortunately we are not in a financial position right now to buy a new laptop and I don't really want to pay someone to fix it if it is unfixable.
    I am just upset because I just brought this laptop last December after my old one of a few years decided to not work one day.
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    It's very likely the hard drive will be damaged, typical signs are read/write errors, long time to format/install (due to cyclic damage) etc which are not a fixable thing, usually means having to buy a new hard drive, if you can try the disk checker on the windows installer tools, requires reboot to do deep scan.

    It's probably worth getting a repair shop to check for damage if you have not got access to the hard drive tools.
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