Unable to boot message after computer is in idle for a while.

I started having a problem less than a week ago. When my Laptop is in idol for a period of time i will come back to a black screen with white text reading,
Unable to boot...
I can then just power off the laptop and then power it up and it boots fine. I called Dell and they updated the bios, and the propblem persists. My next move after sending this question out for a fix or idea is to call them again.

I think there is an issue with the computer going to sleep and possibly powering off the hard drive that this is when the problem occurs. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

johnny quid

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If your machine is less than a year old, DELL are obliged by law (Sale of Goods Act) to repair your machine if faulty,or provide a replacement if said machine can't be repaired. Hope your in warranty, if so get it back to them.
I used to work with CompaQ and the last thing i wanted to see was a machine returned as faulty with my I.D. on,and i think DELL like most will try everything before accepting that one of there machine's could be faulty.

If out of warranty :( You could also put your machine back to factory default (Ctrl + F12 at boot, not 100% on that,best check your manual) by pressing those keys (provided there is a recovery partition,most modern do have) and reinstalling O/S and software bundle, that you came across when it was first powered up.
Make sure to backup all files of value as all will be over written.
good luck

Thanks for the advise. I will definetly follow up with Dell.

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