unable to boot Win 7

I've checked online and I could not find anything that related to my problem. I tried to fix it via win 7 cd, but still the same problem. When I go to boot up I get an error message (just after boot from CD option appears that reads XCKVR is compressed. press control-alt-delete to restart. Any ideas? and thanks


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Sounds suspiciously like malware. Can you boot into safe mode?

No, I can't even get passed the initial boot sequence. It doesn't give me the chance to press F8. I ended up reinstalling win 7 to pass the problem. It's just a little weird how that would happen. I'm thinking it's bc I tried to compress drive C:\ and stopped it after a couple of seconds in. Do you think that could have done it?

So just curious, how could you get passed that considering I've tried the "fix start-up" and recovery option? Both did nothing for me. Also, any ideas on whether to compress a drive or not?

I haven't the slightest clue why it would be wanted to compress drive C:. Storage is cheap enough nowadays.

That means there will be huge overhead to access any file on it as it would have to be decompressed while doing so. That means slow file system which also means slow overall performance.

Fix Start-Up or Startup Repair is not designed to repair user-created errors such as compressing a drive and then stopping, as was done here.

The way to get passed it is exactly what you have already done. :)

Thanks a lot for your help. I guess we learn when we mess with things (such as myself). Thanks again

You're welcome. Yes, that's the only way to learn. :)

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