Unable to Boot Windows 7

I am able to get to the screen with the Windows logo and the screen "Starting Windows" Then all of a sudden, the computer restarts itself and Windows doesn't load. The recovery CD does not boot either. The recovery CD requires a windows interface, which is not loading, failing at the same spot as the normal boot.

I am able to get into BIOS and a diagnostic tool in the utility partition. There is no problem identified by these tests. I had spilled some soda on the computer fan vent yesterday, so this must be the cause of the problem. However, when I opened up the computer to check for the spill I found nothing in the critical parts of the machine. Luckily the tests suggest that the hardware is working properly. What is the fix or next thing to try? Thanks in advance.


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Can you use the F8 key to get to the WinRE and select restore, or Last know good configuration?

It sounds like hardware problems, I think you'd better look for professial help. Or why not boot from bootable CD to have a try. Maybe you could search some special partition magic software for windows 7 to try to fix the problem.

Hi Superspeed727, what exactly do you mean by "I found nothing on the critical parts of the machine"? Where exactly did you find soda?

The bootable CD that came with the computer also does not load. The windows 7 recovery program works in a Windows interface, and also has to load. When I try loading the CD it also says Starting Windows... and then the computer reboots itself without warning.

I saw the soda clearly go into the desktop computer through a fan vent. When that happened, I immediately turned off the power. I looked inside the internals for any liquid. All that I found was dust. However, the computer did not start properly so that has to be the cause of this.


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You keep saying CD. Is there a chance you are using a special recovery Cd and it needs to reboot to access the recovery partition?

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