Unable to burn dvd

Please can someone help ?
I am using Toshiba Satellite 350

I have made a film in Windows Movie Maker but I am unable to burn the disc . I click on 'burn in Windows DVD maker and as soon as it gets to about 34% an error message comes up '' Unable to create DVD unspecified error ''

This is the third film I have made, the others were fine . I have tried two different types of blank DVD's .



I have just tried again and I now get the message ''Cannot create DVD catastrophic failure''

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I have been experimenting and I now find I can burn an old movie project so I am assuming it must be the file , but how can I find out what is wrong with it so I don't make the same mistake again ? I have checked all the files in Movie maker and they look O K ,


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It may be that it's just 'one of those things' and put it down to experience..

Ok, I hope you're right, it took me a whole week to make the last one !!

There must be a problem with the Windows Movie /DVD maker I have made another film and cannot burn this one either . I get the same error messages . I have tried burning at different speeds .I was sucessful in burning a small 5 min unedited file from my video camera . The one I am trying to burn is about 45 mins .


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This page may offer some help:

Windows Movie Maker 2.1 FAQ

I know it's intended for XP but it may offer a clue as to what the problem is..

fingers crossed....:)

Re: Unable to burn dvd - Problem solved !

I have managed to resolve the problem and it was my fault of course !

Just thought I would post what I discovered the hard way, just in case it helps anyone else struggling with Windows Vista Movie maker (6) publishing and burning DVD. Like I was !

If you are making working on a project more than about 10 minutes , edit and publish Small sections separately then add them in to the DVD maker one at a time when you have finished . If you don’t you may get the error messages -
‘’Cannot create DVD unspecified error ‘’ Or ‘’Cannot create Catastrophic failure ‘’
If you are editing a saved Movie maker file -
If you are using title overlays , remove the title overlays FIRST , if you don’t they are so small you may miss them and they may appear where you don’t want them on the finished DVD.
Make sure there are no files hiding at the end of the Story board before you save or publish again.


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Glad to see you got it sorted...:)

Thanx for the update

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